Keyboard shortcuts

As requested in A bunch of design editor suggestions we need to add more keyboard shortcuts. I’ll also take the opportunity to list already implemented ones and those we need to add. This will help to create documentation for them.

Already Implemented shortcuts

  • Del / Backspace - To delete layers
  • Shift + Mouse click - Select/Deselect multiple layers
  • Alt + Mouse click and drag - Duplicate layer(s)
  • Cmd/Ctrl + s - Force save (Baseline autosaves after every action as well)
  • Arrow Keys - Move selected layers 1px in direction
  • Shift + Arrow keys - Move selected layers 10px in direction

Missing Shortcuts

  • CMD/Ctrl + [ / ] - Move layer backward, forward
  • CMD/Ctrl + X/C/V - Cut Copy Paste
  • “+” - Zoom in
  • “-” - Zoom out
  • Shift + 0 - Zoom 100
  • Shift + 1 - Zoom to fit
  • Shift + 2 - Zoom to selection
  • Cmd/Ctrl + A - Select all
  • Esc - Deselect all

Please suggest more shortcuts in the comments below

Great suggestions! I’m really excited for this to get implemented :star_struck:

Only three more come to my mind right now:

ctrl/cmd + g - group elements
ctrl/cmd + shift + g - ungroup elements
ctrl/cmd + click on overlaping elements - Select element behing

Thanks for a quick reply and taking my previous suggestions into consideration! :green_heart:

@gilli It would be nice to have a feature that would allow us to Assign and Rename our own Shortcut Keys. As individual may already be use to with their own favourite apps, CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Inkscape etc.

Yeah that’s an excellent idea. And if we want to take it even further, we could offer presets based on common design tools.

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