A bunch of design editor suggestions

Hi, I would like to share my thoughts and suggestions on design editor :slight_smile:

  1. Keyboard shortcuts - especially for moving objects forwards and backwards in layer order
  2. Object snapping - It would be great if objects would align (magnetize) to each other when you move them, the same thing is with scaling. That way we would be able to scale objects to be exactly the same size.
  3. Folders for uploaded svg or images - So far I have two brands with a lot of additional svg elements and it’s getting messy really quickly
  4. Possibility to delete uploaded files
  5. In text field - vertical point of origin (top, center, bottom align)
  6. Drop shadow, outline and other text effects applicable to other svg shapes

Overall it’s already excellent tool and I hope that those suggestions will help you develop it even further :slight_smile:

Object snapping and snapping to vertical and horizontal middle would be important.

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And a customizable margin.

Hi Adrian, thanks for the suggestions. I’m happy to report they are all going to get implemented.

I’m going to split these up into separate wishlist items since they are mostly unrelated and need individual voting and feedback in the comments. I’ve already created the first one here: Keyboard shortcuts for keyboard shortcuts.


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Thanks again @Adrian, I’ve created topics for each of your suggestions so I’m going to be closing this one so people can vote on the individual items.

Here are links to the topics: