White label

Possibility to use your own logo, favicon and other descriptions.

To get this right, i think it needs separate workspaces + the ability to assign clients to those workspaces.


This would be a game changer. I also agree seperate workspaces would be helpful to execute this or just having a folder system where I can share/set permissions would work.


As part of the Agency feature it would be great to see in addition to the above ideas:

◉ Ability to create brand guidelines for prospective clients in their own workspace and share as view only until they create an account.
◉ Coupled with the above allow the prospective client to upgrade to a paid account either directly with the Agency or via Baseline (as an Affiliate).


I want to be fully transparent here and let everyone know that we have no intentions of doing a white-label. There are very many reasons for that but the main ones I’ve listed below:

  • White-labeling is a distracts from improving the app and servicing our main customers.
  • It increases the complexity of our code significantly and slows down all future development.
  • It confuses the end-user who will not know who to contact for support.
  • Likely that end-user will be frustrated because their support will end up detached, communication has to go through a third-party which is slow and confusing.
  • We would have to charge a huge amount to justify all the extra effort in the first place. We are talking about thousands of dollars.

That being said, based on some of the above comments, it sounds like you just want a good way to manage your team members or clients and that is definitely something we want as well. We just launched teams and you can already invite people and manage permissions there.

In the end, we would much rather focus the effort on making the app awesome to use for customers who have clients to invite, rather than making the app look like their own app.

I’m sorry to disappoint some of you who were looking for a full-feature white-label and I hope you understand.



I’m not sure why support is such a big confusing issue. Wouldn’t the “agencies” that are using your app be responsible for the support of the end user? Right now you kind of straddling the fence between being a b2b app and a b2c app. You could easily just charge the “agencies” for support instead of trying to do that for the end-user. I’m not sure you fully understand how “agencies” would use this in their business or how unlikely it is for the average small business to just one day decide they need to create a brand and need a brand kit etc. Usually, they work with a designer or an agency and they help them organize that in a useful way.

I do appreciate you being transparent even though I disagree that the cost wouldn’t justify the return, bottom line it’s your app and you can develop it how you see fit. If it doesn’t fit someone’s needs they can go use something else that will. Every decision has intended and unattended consequences. Good luck with Baseline.


Allow brand owners to access their projects with own login

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We need to establish what we mean by the Whitelabel / Agency solution.

What functionalities are crucial for the agency

Maybe there is a misunderstanding here and we are talking about something to come?

For example, it would be advisable for me:

  • own logo (agency) - possibility to change
  • the ability to disable branding in the footer
  • own CNAME domain
  • the ability to connect your own SMTP to customer notifications.

Would anything more be needed?

Designer and developer would straightaway know most of this would be based on logical condition.
Whitelabel means it’s very straight forward
With confidence clients (end user) know they are dealing with us and no one else apart from us.
No one else should start using/abusing our service to start promoting there nags (branding, promotions, links etc) and this is what leads us loosing trust and annoying clients infect in the past we have seen clients getting annoyed

  1. Have you changed your companies name?
  2. Why do we have to sign up with so many random companies?
  3. Why are they spamming us with these promotions and keep asking us to purchase we had only asked for your service not for a click bait. (Email and Notification)

I think @JackS is probably correct that we are misunderstanding each other when talking about whitelabel. So I’ll try to clarify.

We are not interested in white-labeling the whole app so that you can basically brand Baseline as your own app.

However we are definitely dedicated to make the experience for teams, especially agencies, as great as possible.

I think White label is too broad of a term to justify it’s own wishlist item, so I’m going to ask those interested in more powerful agency features, to create more specific wishlist items for them.

For example, here is a perfect example of a feature request that will improve things for Agencies and has it’s own topic: Add a "Created by" field for agencies to add their logo/name to the brand kit - #2 by 4yourithing

This will give us a more actionable insight into what people are actually looking for, and what to prioritize.

I love the passion everyone here has for Baseline so I encourage you to keep on suggesting more features that will improve things for you, the more specific the feature request is, the better.


I’ve changed the tag of this from “probably-not” to “researching” since I think I have a better understanding of what people are looking for, and might add a branded experience for agencies and enterprise later on.


White labeling (agency) to me means: CNAME, logo+favicon, branded footer and emails.


I would really like to have an ETA. A few months have already fly-by without notice. You use to be very fast in the beginning.

I look forward to your progressive response.

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Unfortunately I can’t give any ETA. But don’t worry, I know we haven’t sent out a progress email in a couple of months, but that’s only because we are working on some very big changes related to Digital Asset Management along with restructuring the app to have everything structured around the brand instead of the user, like it currently is.