Digital Asset Management

Baseline has a lot of assets that get either generated or uploaded, and we need a better way to manage it all.

Currently assets, like images, are tied to either a user, brand, or a design. Instead of that they will be added to the new Asset Manager. This will allow any entity to easily reference them, use them in brands or designs, share with teams, brands or users, update, and remove.

This will make it easier to build additional features like the ability to add your brand photography, have some additional files or documents in your brand guides and so on. While also being able share and comment on files, images and designs.

This will also allow brands to upload other related digital assets like documents, to keep absolutely every digital asset related to your brand in one place.

A great foundation to build upon. Organization is important.

Looking forward to seeing the updates to Baseline! <3 Thanks gilli!

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