Download logos in more formats, such as PNG, and PDF

We’ve received multiple requests to add the ability to download logos in the brand guide in other formats, such as PNG and PDF.

Necessarily .SVG, vector graphics


Export to SVG format functionality discontinued from Photoshop 22.5 version in August’2021 last year. This feature in Photoshop has always been experimental and discontinued due to low usage and limitations.

If you still want to export your Photoshop document as SVG, you can follow any of these workarounds here: Export documents, layers, and artboards in Photoshop

SVG is already the an option. The only one at the moment.

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What I’m saying is for MORE FORMATS other than SVG as it’s even discontinued as a format in Adobe!

yep, we are working on it right now. We just added the ability to upload other formats for the logos. PDF, EPS, and AI. And export is coming now.

I think Adobe is only removing it from Photoshop though, which is a raster editing software while illustrator is the king of vectors and I would be very surprised if that removed SVG :slight_smile:


SVG - This is an opensource standard that will not disappear.

SVG is a browser-supported standard❗
And some people also use Inkscape :grinning:

This feature has now been launched.


And how about cdr any update?

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Unfortunately we can’t convert to CDR, but you can upload CDR logo.

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