Upload PSD, PNG, JPG or PDF instead of SVG

I had a lot of issues uploading our logo in SVG format.

The “We need it to be in SVG format.” should NOT be the default. You should allow for other formats such as PSD, PNG, JPG or PDF instead of SVG.

When I converted my PSD to SVG, the entire logo was compromised; distorted, colors were off, black and white inconsistent or completely broken.

This feature has now been published. You can now upload vector file formats like PDF, AI, or EPS instead of just SVG

We don’t plan to add support for PSD or JPG since they are raster file formats.


Awesome!!! That works.


How to mark on the forum that the task has been completed❓
Maybe move or archive somewhere❓

It’s tagged as “launched”. I want to leave them in the list though so people can see what has been done. I should probably disable voting on it though. I’ll look into that.

@gilli and how about cdr?

Cdr? I’m not familiar with that format. Is it a vector file format? What software outputs it?

It’s CorelDraw and yes it is fully vector based (I am sure you must have used or heard one of there products this are their brands MindManager, Parallels, WinZip, Painter, PaintShop Pro, Pinnacle, Roxio, VideoStudio, WordPerfect).

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Oh ok I see, I think we should be able to support that. Would you mind sending me some logo examples made in coreldraw via the chat widget on baseline.is?

@gilli Sure is your chat end-2-end encrypted?

It’s over https but not end-to-end. You can also send it via email to (my name) at baseline.is

Awesome! I will email it to you.

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