Token fields for brands that get automatically replaced in designs

We want to add the ability to create tokens that are automatically updated in designs.

For example, we could create a template that will include an address at the bottom, this would then automatically get replaced with the brands address token.

Preset tokens will include

  • Address
  • telephone
  • email
  • Person name
  • Website
  • LinkedIn handle
  • Twitter handle
  • Facebook handle
  • Instagram handle

Got more ideas for tokens we should ask for by default? Let us know in the comments.

Is it somehow related to the NFT?

NFT? No, the tokens would be fields you fill out to automatically replace text in textfields within the designs.

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Additional tokens:

  • Website
  • LinkedIn handle
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Thanks for the excellent suggestion @ursulalj, I’ve added those to the list

In fact, it could also be an NFT and a public key. :slight_smile:

Please add a token for a YouTube channel.

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