Team features, add users to your brands

We are planning on adding team features, this will give users the ability to add other users to their brands and give them content creation abilities for that brand.

They should be able to choose whether they can only view the brand guide, or create content as well.

most-wanted feature for me!!


Can we invite our customers so every brand is 1 extra user or 2?
Unlimited users would be ideal. This is a very nice feature!

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The number of users will be limited by your plan. I haven’t worked out the details on that yet.

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Why are you going to limit the number of users?
I would like to have as many users as there will be projects, clients (and I have an unlimited version).

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The limits will be fitting to the plan you are on.

I’m super happy to announce that I’ve just released the Teams feature in Beta!! :clinking_glasses:

Head over to Baseline to try it out.

Here is how it works:

Creating teams

To create a team, login to your account and head to the account menu in the top right corner. Click on “Teams” and fill out the text field “Team Name” to create your team.

Once your team is added you can invite all your team members via email by sending them one by one with the “Invite via email” field.

You can also link your brands to the team, using the “Brands” field in the top right corner of your team card.

Your team brands and templates will then show up in every team members dashboard, below the “Your brands” section.

Editing team member permissions

You can edit every members permission by making them admin, which will give them the ability to edit brands, delete brands, invite to teams, and edit everybodies permission

To edit the permissions go to the teams page, find the member and toggle Admin, Allow to edit brands, or Allow to create designs.

Adding templates

To add a template for your team, go to the design you would like to use as the template, click on settings in the left tab-bar, find the “TEAM” section and add your team to the “Add as Template for” field. Once you’ve enabled it, your templates should show up in every team members dashboard.


@daniavorszky @Adrian @stefanpe @ursulalj @creablu @cleven please give the teams feature a try and let me know if you run into any issues :slight_smile:


Trying it now! Excited about this update :slight_smile:

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Hi Gilli, thanks for releasing the team features.

Just did some quick test and comments as follows:

  • Invited a new member with permission to “Allow to create designs” but found out the new member also can invite another new member?
  • This new member can create a new brand as well with “Allow to create designs” permission.

Will test it further when I am free.

Thanks again.

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The new team member should not be able to invite another member unless they are made into an admin. I just tried it now and the invite to team does not show up.

The team member can create a new brand private to them. Which is just the normal Baseline functionality, so that would not get attached to your account, team or subscription. It would be on their trial account.


what are the team members limits based on AS Tiers?

I haven’t completely decided yet, I wanted to get some proper usage on it first, but I’m leaning towards this:

Tier 1 will likely get 1 team 1 (extra) member

Tier 2 will likely get 5 teams 5 members

Tier 3 will likely get Unlimited teams and members


sweet! these limits sound great!


@gilli can the owner assign a specific brand or brands to specific Team and/or Team Member(s)?

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The owner can assign specific brands to specific teams yes, and technically you can also assign it to specific team members by creating a special team just for them. Check out the help docs for teams here: Teams | Baseline Help


Thanks, @gilli Yah, I tried the feature by adding a Team and then a adding a person to that Team by inviting them. And, I saw the switches for permissions. So trying it out now and checking out the Help docs as well. Thank you!