Remove vote restriction on here

Hey Gilli,

Can you kindly remove vote restriction on here. So all of us can vote freely also you will get more accurate votes.

I hardly have any votes left

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I’ve increased the vote limits.


What’s the limitation?

Hey @JackS

I hope you have been well. The number voted and to add a vote that you see on the top left corner next to the topic.

The lowest limitation is 20 votes. Then it increases depending on how active the members are in the community.

Is it possible to reduce the restrictions on the length of the text:

  1. Title (Currently 15)
  2. Content …
    Sometimes they are shorter …

:rofl: O am out of them again. They run out so quick.

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You can always remove votes where you voted.

That will defeating the point that I would have already upvoted

I appreciate all the votes! I think I will be keeping the current limit for now though, since I want to see what features people want the most, then when they get implemented you get your votes back and can vote on the next thing :slight_smile:

If they were unlimited it might end up with everybody voting on everything and I’d have no clue what people want the most.

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Is it okay to vote?

Yes of course, oh and by the way I did reduce the min length of title as well :slight_smile:

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