Hi everybody,

I’m looking for some early testers who have facebook pages and instagram business accounts to help me out. If you’re interested, you need to sign up for a facebook developer account and then send me your facebook username, or fbid (facebook id). You can message me here on the forum or shoot an email to my name at


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@Stefanpe, @davapp, @DiVaNLmarketing, @j0e, @creablu, @Nico, @wave, @yuvraj, @daniavorszky, @Sandra, @spaceworker, @namitoberoy, @erginfurkanerkan, @Promod, @NeelRaman

Just wanted to make sure you saw the latest comment. We really need some testers to help us pass the Facebook review check. Thanks in advance!

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+1 on Sociamonials Integration for the reasons you mention @Ben .

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This new publishing tool should replace big parts of Sociamonials, specifically the social media posting and scheduling

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Is this available to everyone now❓
Is it currently working on a test basis for selected accounts❓

Do you have any screenshots, mockups, demos of how it works❓

No it’s only available to those who send me their facebook usernames or id’s. I’m working on getting approval from Facebook, so hopefully soon it will be available to all who already have beta tester access in Baseline.

I’ll make help guides with screenshots and things like that when the feature is closer to being ready. Here are a couple of screenshots of the current state for those who are curious :slight_smile:

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  1. I understand that at the beginning it will only be Facebook?
    What other social media are you thinking about?
    Will LinkedIn, X also be there someday?

  2. Will there be a content publication planner/calendar available?

  1. LinkedIn and instagram are already active as well. I only need help right now debugging Facebook issues so I can get the review by facebook accepted.

  2. You mean a calendar view of scheduled posts, instead of a list? Yes we do plan to add that as well.

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The Publishing tool is now accessible to everyone who has commented here. In your brand dashboard, you should see a new big Publisher button next to the Assets one. If you don’t see one, contact me so I can enable the beta access.

Right now, it supports basic posts with text and images on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn (Business pages). Video is supported for LinkedIn and Facebook but not Instagram yet.

Coming soon are Instagram Reels, Stories, and Facebook Reels.

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When will this be available to everyone❓

No ETA yet. I need more testers before making it public.

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Hey, I’m slow on this but if you still need beta testers I’m happy to help. Let me know.

Excited to help you get this piece up and running!

Yes we definitely do. I’ve activated it for your account. You should see a new “Publishing” card in your brand dashboards. Contact me using the chat widget on the site if anything is unclear.