New Template Category: Email Marketing Campaigns

Hey guys,

Love using Baseline!

You know what would help our designers save a ton of time? Email templates for Ecommerce stores.

We work with various ecomm brands and designing emails takes a lot of time. Imagine we could have templates ready to go in Baseline!

Some ideas for these include:

  • Abandon Cart
  • Abandon Browse
  • Welcome Email
  • Thank you Email
  • Promotion Email
  • Black Friday Email

Just to name a few… If you guys could get some email templates working, that would be amazing. If they can be optimized for Klaviyo, even better!

Thanks Gilli and team.

Hi @Tuna and welcome to the community. Thanks for adding this.

Just to clarify, you are talking about html email templates rather than banners for those emails or something like that, right?

This is something I would like to explore in the future but it probably won’t be so soon.


Thanks for the response Gilli.

So a lot of brands use images in their emails when using an ESP like Klaviyo or Mailchimp. They don’t use the built in editor, and definitely not HTML. These are all very limiting in what you can do to get it on brand.

I can send you over some examples of what I mean, but it’s petty standard for Ecommerce. In the end, I just need an image of 600px wide and up to 4000px height, with average height being 2400px.

It should be pretty straightforward to do this by using the same system you already have built. It’s simply just larger images with a bit more content.

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Ahh ok I know what you mean now. Yes definitely send me some examples and I’ll look into adding that category and getting some done. Thanks

If you prefer you can send them via the chat widget on