NEW: Brand Photography, Override CMYK, and other improvements

Hi everybody,

This time we bring you lots of new features, like the ability to add more visual assets to brand guides with Galleries, more on that below.

We also published our first interview with one of our customers, Dave Gustafson at WSI Peak Digital Strategy They are using Baseline to help their customers reach their growth goals. Definitely give it a read. If you would like your company to be featured in an interview, please fill out this form.

We are also getting ready to publish the first article in a series that will consist of educational and practical materials revolving around the nature of branding, explaining how to create a strong brand for your business idea without spending a fortune in the process. We’re big fans of practical and useful articles that answer real questions and solve real problems. If you have any, please let us know and we will try to answer them in our series.

Brand Photography And Galleries

You can now add photography galleries to your brand guides to showcase your photos or other visual assets. Pro and Business plans can extend their galleries with additional collages as well as add entirely different Galleries with their own title and description.

To get started go visit your brand dashboard and you should see a “Add Photography” button in the Complete Your Brand section

This new feature is in Beta so please be in touch if you encounter any hiccups.

See Where Assets Are Used

See which gallery an asset is being used in, in the Asset Preview modal. This helps you get an understanding on how and where your assets are being used. We plan on doing the same for Designs, so that you can see which designs the assets are used in as well.

Override CMYK Values

You can now override the CMYK color values that will be displayed in the brand guide, when editing colors. Look for new inputs under each color card.

Other Improvements

  • Logos in the brand guide are not fixed width anymore and instead are padded by the logo safe zone settings
  • Embedded Brand guide script is improved. It now auto-adjusts height to fit the brand guide, read more in this blog post. You will need to copy new code for your brand guide to use it.
  • Incorrect RGB values for brand colors displayed in brand guide. To update them, please edit the color re-enter the hex value.
  • Export to pdf now works when brand guides are not public

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It would be great if I could send a link to a client to upload photography.