Muti Social Media Post Edits and Mass Download

Be able to use one template that will resize per select a group of social media templates (i.e. instagram post, instagram story, facebook post, twitter post, etc.). Edit each individually so they look nice. Mass download button/save in folder for later use.

Case: Client is selling a house, I then upload images and input text info that will propagate to the other social media templates. I can then download them all as a zip file and upload the posts to social media management software (i.e. Buffer, Woofy, etc.) to schedule posts.

This a must canva does it ok job with this. Baseline can supersede here.


This would be a great timesaver. Robolly has capabilities like that: “Design it once. Render endlessly!”


I would suggest doing something similar to this as well:


Definitely a game changer, RelayThat has a similar feature, would greatly look to use Baseline a lot more if they create this feature.

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