Logo variations: Add more logo variations other than just the colored, black and white ones

We are planning to add the ability to upload additional logo variations, other than the colored, black and white.

This needs the ability to customize the background for each logo.

Along with this we will add the ability to hide the white on colored background version that is automatically shown already.

How about vertical, horizontal and square (or circle) logo variants?


Yeah I think we will make it completely flexible, so you can add as many as you want, name them and pick background colors.


Guten Tag,
Ich wäre auch sehr froh über die Möglichkeit ein alternatives logo hinzuzufügen.
Da ich öfters logo breit und weniger breit habe und ein favicon.

würde mir sehr helfen, ich finde Brand Guides super. Hoffe dies kommt bald.

Freundliche Grüsse
Andreas Schläpfer

Good day,
I would also be very happy about the possibility to add an alternative logo.
As I often have logo wide and less wide and a favicon.

Would help me a lot, I find brand guides great. Hope this will come soon.

Kind regards
Andreas Schläpfer


Welcome to the forum and thank you for the input. I can confirm we will be working on this very soon. I’m finishing up the ability to download logos in different formats from the brand guide, and then I will be adding this.

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I am glad you did understand what I was explaining you regards to this the other day.

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Definitely looking forward to this. I think this would add a great deal of value to the Brand Kit. <3