Custom Fonts not Rendering on iOS

:wave: Hey All,

I created a brand guide and am having problems with custom fonts. Have any of you experienced this?

  1. I uploaded WOFF2 files. They render on desktop, but not on iOS. On iOS, I get serif fallbacks.
  2. When selecting a Google Font, there a re buttons to select the type of font: Regular, Bold, Italic, etc. However, when you upload fonts, no such options exists. All fonts are listed as regular.
  1. Hmm that’s pretty odd, I haven’t seen that issue before. Can you maybe send me the font files using the chat widget on so I can investigate?
  2. You can rename the font after uploading by editing the text box. I do plan to add font variants, so you can upload a whole family in the future but for now it’s restricted to just the three types.
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