Add own SVG, PNG, HTML & PDF

When I design a brand for my customers I include basic needs (a few images & photos that will be used in marketing in svg/png as well as an email signature in HTML). I would like the option to add those as well. PDF would be on the wishlist as well for invoice templates.

It will helpfull to add template outside from baseline with PDF import


Is this in reference to the Design Editor?

You can already upload your own SVG, JPEG, and PNG.

I’m going to look if I can import PDFs and parse the contents to the artboard. It’s definitely something that would improve the flexibility considerably.

What is the use case scenario for HTML? Is that something other tools offer?

Hi Gilli,
this is in reference to the Brand itself. I provide a bit more the just the logo, colors, and typography. I usually include the calling card, Social headers, and some other design. The option to add this would be really neat :blush: