Add a brand folder for images and a brand folder for finished/shared layouts (not templates)

As a photographer, I’d love to be able to have a brand folder where I can upload images that are shared with the particular brand client (not only in my folder). This would also be awesome for their brand kit - to have a library of headshots or product hero shots that are used often - that I could upload and share with their brand.

It would also be awesome to have nesting folders in the brand account so they could be used to organize content, like Canva does. I’d like to be able to share completed designs are “ready to use/named artwork” in addition to being shared as templates. For example, for my husband’s brand, I make his social media panels and then instead of sharing these premade panels, I have to share as templates and then he has to go in and name them again. In Canva, I’d just share the folder and they have the named files to work with.**

Hi @marketexpertly,

Sorry for the late response on this, somehow this post went completely past me.

I think our upcoming Digital Asset Management system will solve this for you (Digital Asset Management - #3 by dgus)

We are changing things quite drastically along with it so that it’s all attached to the brand, instead of the user like it does currently.

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